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Children's Playgrounds

Physical development of a child has always been important for the state, family, community since this indicator largely impacts on the overall health of the citizens of a particular country.
Different institutions and the organizations as the secondary schools, kindergartens, sports training schools, etc. have a task in promoting the physical development of the children.
IMPERIO™ is contributing to the organization of the physical development of the young people. This is the place where you can buy the playground sports structures.

Components of the sport playground equipment

There is a list of the necessary components for the playground sports structures. Traditionally the specification can include:

  • wall bars;
  • hand-over-hand bars;
  • Basketball shields;
  • Football goals;
  • staircases;
  • horizontal bars;
  • parallel bars;
  • balance beam and the other equipment.  

Playground sports structures equipped with the specified components will provide an opportunity for every child to have a full physical training.

Different playgrounds

Playgrounds can be arranged outdoors as well as indoors. IMPERIO offers a wide range of the playground structures "Square", "Morning", "Baby", "Active" and the others. The names of the playground structures connote their application for children of the different age categories. This suggests that the complexity and the level and types of the physical exercises with one or the other set of components will differ from each other.  

Product requirements

Playgrounds and sports structures are the special product. They meet the higher standards and safety requirements to the structures and to the used materials. Taking all of this into account, IMPERIO sells the playground sports structures and components of their own make from the materials of the exceptionally high quality, so we can guarantee the playgrounds safety for the children. Having the rich selection of goods, it can be selected for the Byer  the playground and sports equipment for a country-house, yard, school stadium, sports, design for the indoor use and for the kindergarten.

Delivery of the goods in cities - Kiev, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkiv, Lviv - at the request of a Customer.